Wedding Day Portraits

You've probably heard me talk about how much I love engagement sessions. And it's true. I LOVE them. Engagement sessions give me a chance to get to know my couples, hang out without pressure, make beautiful images and get a practice run for my TRUE favorite moment...


Why do I love the wedding day portraits more? Because the emotion is stronger. It's impossible to hide. The smiles are genuine. The people feel beautiful. You just can't deny the amount of real feeling in a good wedding day portrait. 

I'm sharing some of my favs today, but it comes with a HUGE tip for planning your day. 


I know how much it costs to plan a wedding and it's easy to want to budget each part of the day. But your photographer needs time to make these beautiful photos. You need time to feel relaxed enough to take them. There's a huge difference in the outcome of portraits when your day is rushed and you haven't allowed enough time for these. Book your photographer for a full day and trust in their knowledge when it comes time to build your timeline and figure out when the best time for photos is and how long you'll need. No point in hiring an amazing photographer if you don't have the chance to step away and make these beautiful images.

Why do I love these so much? Because they are the type of photos my clients love so much. The type they print and hang on their walls. The kind that all their friends ooooh and aaaaahh at when they come to visit. These images are what their memories are made of. And that's why they're my favorite!

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