Choosing your Getting Ready Space

You got the ring. (Congrats boo!!)

You figured out who's going to be in the wedding party.

You've started Pinteresting. (Isn't that like an official verb now?)

And you've found the perfect venue. It's got everything you want. The ceremony space is perfect. It's got enough room to dance. It's got the look you're going for. And it's in your budget. You're stoked so you throw down your deposit and start booking all your other vendors. 

It isn't until wedding day that you realize you never gave an ounce of consideration to the room you'd be getting ready in. 

The day is here. You're sitting uncomfortably in a standard dining chair, white knuckle gripping your mimosa, sweating just a bit more than desired under that white, silk, Bride robe. Suddenly you feel cramped, irritated even. You look around and see nothing but bodies and faces. All your closest friends, your makeup artist, your hair stylist, your photographer....probably even your mom or mother-in-law-to-be. You can't even see the walls. You're hot. You're getting claustrophobic and this is NOT how you pictured your wedding day. "Why didn't I think about this when I booked this place??" you ask yourself. 

Well, you didn't think about it because you didn't KNOW to think about it. You can't blame yourself. You haven't gotten married before. You've never planned a wedding. You had a bazillion and three things to consider. This wasn't one of them. But you know. So now you can be the wiser. 


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So, should consider the bridal suite or getting ready spaces at your venue. But WHAT should you consider, you ask? 

First and foremost, consider the size. This space could be absolutely drop dead gorgeous. It could have white walls and plenty of natural light and be immaculate. But if it's a three by three room and you've got 6 girls in your bridal everyone else mentioned above...are you going to fit? Are you going to fit COMFORTABLY

Think about this: you and each member of your wedding party are likely going to have a bag of that a huge purse or a small duffel. Trust me, there's a lot to bring that day. There will be dresses hanging up or laid over chairs if there isn't a closet. Your makeup artist is going to have a pretty good sized kit with her and that could mean anything from a large caboodle (did I just give away my age???) to a suitcase sized container. Your photographer is going to have at least one bag. You all need space to walk, get dressed, get primped and have fun. This is supposed to be the time where you get all the jitters out...not get more of them!

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Second, consider the light. Bright walls, white ceilings, big windows...those things make for BEAUTIFUL spaces to get ready in. It allows for gorgeous, natural light for your makeup artist and photographer. Plus, bright spaces add an element of happiness and make rooms feel bigger. But, this all depends on your taste. Are you going for a moodier feel? Are you getting ready super early in the morning, like Sangeeta (pictured above), who had to start getting ready before the sun came up? Do you have a theme of wood or nature in your wedding? Then maybe a light bright room isn't what you want. But make sure you know either way. Just ask when you take your venue tour. And if you don't love what they offer, ask if they have any other options for you!

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Third, consider the location. One thing I've learned over the years is that too often, our idea of getting photos done prior to the ceremony is killed by the fact that guests start arriving a bit early and there is no place to go without being seen. Most brides don't want to be seen by their guests prior to the wedding, so this can pose a bit of a problem. Talk with the venue about the ability to move around from the room you're getting ready in, to the places you might take photos or to the ceremony site without being seen by early or lingering guests. If it's not possible, consider other options...

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So what are your other options? Well of course you could always check out a different venue, but seriously...why do that if you've fallen in love with everything else about it? 

Air BnB that shiz!!  There are some gorgeous properties with lots of natural light that won't cost an arm and a leg. Plus, it would allow for everyone to spend the night together and have a blast before the big day. 

Hotels are another great option since most offer suites and connected rooms for bridal parties and family. But I strongly suggest looking at these rooms beforehand. Is there enough light? Enough space? And if you need to take any photos there, does the hotel offer pretty enough grounds to do so? Don't be afraid to "shop around" for something that speaks to you!

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Now you know girlfriend. Go find that perfect place. See you on wedding day!