What to Wear - Engagement Sessions

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked is "What should I wear for my session?". 

My honest answer is always this:

Whatever makes you feel great. Because the truth is, you'll feel more comfortable in clothes that make you...well, feel comfortable.

So rule number one is: Wear clothes that fit you well and you feel great in.

charlotte engagement session romare bearden park

However, I do send a style guide to my clients to help them get a good idea of what colors might work well together, the latest trends in fashion or even what's seasonably appropriate. I say style guide. Honestly, it's a pinterest board. Maybe that sounds lazy, but actually it means I can continuously update it to reflect the most recent fashion trends. So, I consider it innovative. ;)

Rule number two? Go for coordinating outfits, but NOT matchy matchy. (With the exception of really cute personalized shirts or jerseys). The idea is to complement each other, so try to blend color schemes cohesively. Don't both wear the same colors or you might end up blending into each other more than you want to.

charlotte engagement session sunset
charlotte engagement session sunset

Notice how even casual outfits can look amazing if you coordinate them properly! Samantha and Mike (pictured above) were comfortable, yet coordinated perfectly by combining different neutral colors together for a smooth blend.

Rule number 3: Don't be afraid to have fun with it. Nothing wrong with showing off a bit. These are after all, photos I expect you to print and hang on your wall. So feel free to do it up!

charlotte engagement session downtown rooftop
charlotte engagement session downtown rooftop

Most importantly, you want to be YOU. Are you fashion forward and experimental? Are you classic and timeless? Are you a free spirit? Are you an athlete? Bring yourself out in whatever you wear. 

Also, feel FREE to wear any culturally traditional clothing. You can absolutely change into something else for your session, so don't miss the opportunity to honor your culture!

charlotte engagement session uncc botanical gardens

Rule number 4: Think of your season. Are you having this session during the spring? If so, you probably want to avoid dark colors that feel like fall or winter. Are you shooting in the fall? Think of fun accessories like hats or scarves. 


charlotte engagement session downtown

Brea and Jessa, pictured above, chose fun, light colors for their spring rooftop session. However, we planned for a night shoot, so they chose to incorporate their backdrop into their wardrobe selection...which leads me to...

Rule number 5: Consider your location. Do you want to shoot in an open field? Stilettos may not be the smartest option. Will we be hiking at all or near water, you may want to consider clothes that let you move freely and walk comfortably. Consider your background so that your wardrobe coordinates with it perfectly. Check out Jessa and Brea's second look in the same location. When we knew we'd be shooting after dark, we decided dark colors would make the second part of their session even more perfect.

charlotte engagement session downtown


Be comfortable. Be confident. Be you. 

Consider the season and your environment. Be able to move comfortably. 

Don't be afraid to have fun with it! Show off your you!!


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charlotte engagement session downtown
charlotte engagement session downtown
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