Little Diddy bout Amanda

Who am I?

Well first of all that question in my head immediately makes me go "NORTH CAROLINAAAAA" in my (Petey Pablo voice) know....take your shirt off, twist in round your head, spin it like a helicopter!


who am i

I guess that shows my age, huh? Well here it is. I'm mid thirties. For like a couple more weeks and then I guess by way of math, I hit my late thirties? Ugh. Just saying it is like gosh this wine is good, but the bottle sure is dusty! Haha. I kid. I'm not dusty. Not at all. 

In my heart, I'm still a kid. My bones my be a bit more brittle and my patience a bit more thick, but I'm the type of mid thirty year old woman who HAS to jump on a big trampoline if she sees one, jumps in the ocean in January on a dare (yes that really I wasn't somewhere tropical), orders Cotton Candy flavored ice cream and can thumb war like nobody's business.

See incredibly dorky photo (courtesy of Alayna Waggoner Photography) of me cracking up laughing below: 


charlotte wedding photographer

You can usually find me listening to music (a variety so wide my Pandora playlists starts with 2pac and ends with ZZTop, although my regularly played channels include Stephen Marley and Lana Del Rey), binge watching crime shows like CSI and Forensic Files or ridiculous adult cartoons like Family Guy and American Dad. Fun fact...I can literally bring up a Family Guy quote for ANY life situation. 

All that is background noise however for the constant hum of thoughts and ideas wracking my brain. I'm one of those can't turn it off people. My sleep is light and often restless so my go to fix is a midday nap. My favorite sleeping hours are from 2pm-5pm. If you're with me let me get a hell yeah! I literally have a tank top that says "Gangsta Napper" and yeah..that's me!


charlotte wedding photographer

There goes that goofy laugh of mine. It happens often. Life is pretty cool ya know? And I'm blessed with the most amazing clients who literally make me happy. I love that. The secret best part of my job is reliving the moments and emotions slowly from the safety of my desk. All the other wedding vendors go home and their job is done. Not me. I get to rewatch every smile, every tear, every moment, as I select and edit photos. I mimic what I see. It's so funny. I laugh and cry along with the photos. It's a beautiful thing. And it makes it impossible to give up on love, faith and humanity when I get to witness people being so genuinely loving to each other. Now straight up. If you see that stuff written on someone else's bio, let me know. Because they stole my feelings. LOL. 

charlotte wedding photograph

I'm not a dressy dressy kind of girl. I'm not dainty and delicate. I'm vibrant and feisty and I move around, so leggings are life. I'm passionate about what I do and about life in general and it shows on my face and in my actions. Because of that, I'm one of the most true, genuine people you'll ever meet. I'm a true empath and humanitarian. I am the girl who (yes I know this can be dangerous) stops on the side of the road to help a stranger. The one who saves the animal that got trapped. The one who sends you a little message to check on you when you post something vague that makes me worry. I just genuinely love people. And I value life. Like a lot. That's literally the reason why being a photographer is just the perfect thing for me to be.

So that's me guys.  Hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about me! Hope I didn't bore you. Just in case, here's one more photo! Because, you know, visual learning and such :) Feel free to drop a comment below and ask me anything or tell me a bit about you! I love learning things about people.