Wedding Planning Perfection

Ya'll. I just need to share a bit about one of my all time favorite vendors. If you're planning a wedding in Charlotte or the surrounding areas and need some help, read further!!

Something Perfect

Samie Roberts of Something Perfect is literally the most amazing wedding planner and human. I realize not everyone can afford nor desires a wedding planner, but if it's part of your idea and you've got the budget, I highly suggest talking to her and here's why!

  • Samie has connects with THE BEST VENDORS in town. Seriously...from flowers to food, she can ensure that your vision comes to life because she knows who rocks at what. She won't steer your wrong, as her level of experience ensures that you are only getting referred to the best in the biz!


  • She has a level head. Seriously. She keep calm under pressure and handles all problems with a GENUINE smile on her face. I mean it ya'll. Genuine. Because she's just a positive, happy person. And solving your wedding day problems is, well...her specialty.


  • She's SUPER ORGANIZED. I mean ya'll, go meet with her at her office. You'll understand how awesome your wedding will be just after sitting down in her space. She's organized, together and has an eye for beauty. If you need help with a vision, she's your girl!


  • She's EDUCATED about the industry. She stays up to date on trends. She knows what to anticipate. She shares her knowledge...and THAT is awesome. 


I just had to take a quick second to shout out this awesome lady and her super amazing business. Go take a look at her website and if you're currently planning or starting to plan your wedding, I suggest taking some time to chat with her. It's amazing the difference in the planning experience and the wedding day when you've got someone on your team to tackle the tough stuff!

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Liz and Pedro, September 2017.